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IWOA is committed to advancing the interests of Woodland Owners, developing public appreciation for their importance and to foster and encourage wise use and management of woodlands and related resources in Iowa.

Founded in 1987, the IWOA is a private non-profit organization that welcomes anyone with an interest in woodlands. Members are invited to attend woodland field days and conferences.

Message from IWOA President, Russ Glime

Covid-19 is still in the headlines. The Board of Directors at our January Board meeting discussed the Spring 2021 Field Day and it may not happen. We are looking at alternatives for smaller groups that can meet within the Iowa Health Guidelines this summer. The Fall Field Day hopefully will be held and we can get back to normal. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Derecho winds in August caused massive damage to our woodlands along the Highway 30 corridor from Ames-to the eastern end of the state. Rural property and urban tree owners will take several years to salvage the downed trees if possible. The planting of replacements will take several years, also. Normally trees have to grow 60-70 years to replace damaged areas.

The Iowa Legislature has convened and has entered the same Woodland bill that they had last year that did not go anywhere. Senate File 112 changes property Tax exemption for Forest and Fruit Tree reservations. The exemption is 75% of the value of the property and also expands eligible forest reservations to not less than 10 acres. It is presently 2 acres.

Please contact your local Senators and Representatives on SF 112 that we need to replant portions of our State and not reduce our timber lands. My suggestion would be that they remove taxation on Timber/Forestry Ground completely and even pay landowners to plant trees for a set amount of years.

The Legislature is concerned about a large amount of people entering the Capitol Building and, about, Covid-19, if this or a similar bill is brought to the floor. We need your help by using “Zoom” to voice your concern in a group effort. I will be sending the Zoom information to you with all the information so that you can sign up for the event.

The first funnel deadline is March 5th, the second is April 2nd and the target adjournment is April 30th The Iowa Coalition of Trees Forever, Iowa Walnut Growers, Iowa Woodlands Owners, and others, are planning a Capitol Meeting on March 17th. Details are being worked out at this time.

History of Iowa Timber Reserve
The Forest and Fruit Tree Reservation program was established by the 31st General Assembly to encourage retention of poor lands into forests and wildlife habitat at a time of massive agricultural clearing. The Forest Reserve allows any person who establishes a forest or fruit tree reservation as provided in 427C.1-427C.13 (until 1991 was in Chapter 161) shall entitled to the tax exemption provided by law (441.22). From 1907 until 1935, Forest Reservations had an appraised value of $1/acre. Beginning in 1935, the appraised value was raised to $4/acre. Beginning in 1974 the appraised value was $14.82/acre. Beginning in 1986, the tax exemption for forest reservations was 2 made to $0/acre, and the economic gain allowed was more clearly defined to only relate to products of the tree (logs, firewood, seed, etc.) clearly not allowing leased hunting and other forms of paid recreational opportunities. Other minor changes of the Forest Reserve involved the creation of a “recapture tax” and tightening up the requirement that if trees were removed that owners had one year to get back to the 200 trees per acre.

I have been asked by Trees Forever that any of our IWOA members who are constituents of Rep. Jacob Bossman, Rep. Gary Mohr, Sen. Craig Johnson, or Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink express support of any monies spent for tree replanting in the state legislative priorities.

Thank you if you have already sent your 2021 dues in. This is the first time we have raised the fee and there was some confusion on electronic billing of members. Contact me if there are still any questions.

Lastly, my computer has been hacked and several of you have reached out to me to confirm some IWOA messages. If you receive something that doesn’t look right don’t fall into the hacker’s hand. Google has been notified and their most recent remarks were just changing my e-mail address. I don’t want to do that at this time.

January 23, 2021


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