Welcome to the Iowa Woodland Owners Association!

IWOA is committed to advancing the interests of Woodland Owners, developing public appreciation for their importance and to foster and encourage wise use and management of woodlands and related resources in Iowa.

Founded in 1987, the IWOA is a private non-profit organization that welcomes anyone with an interest in woodlands. Members are invited to attend woodland field days and conferences.

Message from IWOA President, Russ Glime

The Corona-19 virus still makes our IWOA Board of Directors think out of the box. Then in the middle to the eastern part of the state we had Derecho Winds that caused some great tree damage. With the cancelation of both the Spring and Fall Field Days the Board is thinking of ways to keep our members interested in the IWOA.

Billy Beck, Iowa’s Extension Forestry through their Iowa Learning will provide some virtual Field Days that portray some of the DNR Woodlands and the IWOA will have acknowledgement of our organization.

The membership dues for 2021 have been raised to $25.00. I can’t find any information when the last dues increase was made. We need your support to keep our membership a strong representation. My thanks to you!

Remember that we need your correct email address as we will not be sending items by U.S. Postal Service unless you pay additional dues of $5.00/year to cover our postal costs. Please send Cathy Wilke our Membership Secretary an email at cat_wilkie@yahoo.com to verify it. Members who have an valid email will have the Timber Talk newsletter, information on Field days and will be sent electronically to you.

We have a new Web Master that is working behind the scenes copying and updating our information. Some added technology on usage of hand held devices & security safeguards will be added. We will be using the same site name so members will not have any difficulty signing in. We will be transitioning to the new Web Site probably in October.
Still looking for an experienced person to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors. If you are interested please contact me.

Russ Glime, President


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