Welcome to the Iowa Woodland Owners Association!

IWOA is committed to advancing the interests of Woodland Owners, developing public appreciation for their importance and to foster and encourage wise use and management of woodlands and related resources in Iowa.

Founded in 1987, the IWOA is a private non-profit organization that welcomes anyone with an interest in woodlands. Members are invited to attend woodland field days and conferences.

IWOA President Phil McCune Updates March 2023

Initially, I would wish to acknowledge that after three years of stewardship, Russ Glime is retiring as President of the Iowa Woodland Owners. He will continue as an active Board member effective January 1, 2023. We thank him for his leadership during these turbulent times. I do accept the challenge of president of the Iowa Woodland Owners and accept guidance from all members to steer the group in positive directions in the next few years.

The National Woodland Owners was founded in 1983, as an offspring of this group the Iowa Woodland Owners Association was founded in 1987. It has now grown into a viable forestry group with a membership number just shy of 500 members. The State organization does have a mission statement that roughly states the following: The Iowa Woodland Owners is a private, non-profit organization that allows membership to anyone with an interest in forestry management, environmental and related issues.

The general theme of our organization is that of sharing and utilizing knowledge about all things Forestry. Part of our experience can be found in our Newsletter- TIMBER TALK, which is published four issues per year. This use of ink and pen can partially arise from some of the board members’ dialogue, but of even more significance, it can come from anyone of the membership. The membership may contact any member of the board pertaining to issues as they arise. A listing of the board members can be found on the right side of the page (or bottom of page on your mobile device). If you see any errors on this website, please let our board members know about it

Iowa’s environment takes hits on the legislative back burner

An editorial by Todd Dorman published April 2, 2023
While the Republican-controlled Legislature has grabbed headlines handing out more gifts to the religious right than can be found at your local Hobby Lobby, the condition of God’s green earth in Iowa has been taking some hits.

Iowa’s environment is on the back burner again amid all this fire and brimstone. Still, harmful bills remain alive as lawmakers enter the home stretch.

But this past week, a bad bill, remarkably, died Under the Golden Dome of Wisdom. It’s a miracle.

Read this editorial on The Gazette’s website


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